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Friday, Dec 12 - Steven Mitchell & The L.A. All-Stars

One Year Anniversary Party

8-9 Free Lesson: Beginner
9-12 Live Music & Social Dancing
Cost: $15


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Have a fun and fantastic first dance with our wedding preparation packages!  more

Group Classes

Learn in a fun and friendly social environment.  more

Private Lessons

Learn at an accelerated pace with maximum feedback.

Social Dancing

Come dance and party to live music at Vintage Rhythm!

Dance Team

Perform and compete with out amateur and pro dance teams!

Sunday Workshops

Learn a variety of interesting topics at Sunday Workshops!

Practice Space

Private and shared practice space is available upon request.

Filming Locaiton

Amazing views of DTLA with a wide open creative space for filming.  more


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“There aren’t many short-cuts to happiness, but dancing is one of them.”

Our community primarily revolves around dancing to Swing & Jazz music. Through various styles of movement, swing dancing gives us the opportunity to express the greatest music in American history while making life long friends and memorable experiences. There is more to swing than you know, learn more today!


“Hard to admit, but our grandparents had way better style. “

If you are looking for an excuse to get dressed up more often, you must try Swing Dancing!  For those not yet interested in the fashion side of things, don’t worry since it isn’t compulsory, but we are pretty sure your gonna love it once you try! Beside, the pencil mustache is back! 


“Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals.”

Learning to Dance increases your understanding and appreciation of music. Whether you already love Swing & Jazz music, get ready to create a whole new connection to the most expressive and exciting form of music the world has to offer. Who knows, you might end up learning to play someday!


Let’s face it, friends make life more fun!

Swing Dancing attracts a fantastic array of people and throws them into an fun and friendly social setting with the perfect excuse to meet each other. Our community spans internationally and is one of the most genuine groups of people you will ever get to know.


Dax Hock

Founder & Head Teacher

Sarah Breck

Founder & Head Teacher



There is no better way to start your marriage than with a kick-awesome first dance!




Our basic curriculum is designed to get you kicking-awesome on the social dance floor. As you progress though the levels, you will learn essentials variations from a variety of dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Authentic Jazz and learn to dance to Swing and Jazz Music. We recommend all beginners start with out Intro to Swing Series and then progress through the levels. Each level has a particular focus and goal to keep you on track towards continual improvement while emphasizing the fun of learning how to dance.

Class Type:  Non Progressive Fundamental Series where you should take all classes, but can start anytime. 

Content: Intro To Swing is designed to introduce basic variations, footwork and rhythm from the various styles of swing that we use at the Lindy Loft to build a great social dance. We will cover some East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Charleston Variation. 

Time Frame: We start a new series each month and this series has 4 classes. You can take one class per week and for more ambitious students we suggest doubling up with a Level 1 Class. Check the schedule for details.

Goal: Have some fun, meet some people and learn a few basic steps from East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Charleston to get a taste for whats to come in Level 1.

Is this Level for me? You don’t need any experience to join Intro to Swing. The classes are fun and easy and if you are looking for a more personalized experience to get started we recommend Private Lessons.

Class Type: Progressive Fundamental Series

Content: Level 1 Includes fundamental variations from Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, and Charleston. It is divided into two 4 week progressive series, Level 1A and Level1B and is recommended for students coming from Intro To Swing Beg/Int Students coming to the Lindy Loft for the first time. 

Time Frame: We start a new series each month and you can start with either Level 1A or 1B, but it is required you finish both before moving onto Level 2. You can take 1 class per week and finish in two months or take an accelerated approach by doing classes per week and finish in 1 months. Check the schedule for details.

Goal: Build the basic variations and technique needed to survive on the social dance floor. 

Is this Level for me? You should have a very basic understanding of swing dancing, know a basic Charleston, 6 count and 8 count basic footwork, and might have some limited social dancing vocabulary you picked up via some classes or the social floor. If you are not there yet, please sign up for Intro to Swing. 

*Level 1 is a progression and dropping into class after week 2 is not recommended. 

Class Type: Progressive Fundamental Series

Content: Level 2 Includes more fundamental variations from Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, and Charleston as well as Balboa. It is divided into two 4 week progressive series, Level 2A and Level 2B and is recommended for students coming from Level 1 who are ready to move forward.

Time Frame: We start a new series each month and you can start with either Level 2A or 2B, but it is required you finish both before moving onto Level 3. You can take 1 class per week and finish in two months or take an accelerated approach by doing classes per week and finish in 1 months. Check the schedule for details.

Goal: Build a larger social dancing vocabulary and work on technique needed for clearer lead and follow communication. 

Is this Level for me? You should have completed our Level 1 program or at least be proficient in our Level 1 Material and be able to get through a social dance. If you are coming to the loft for the first time as an Intermediate Student, check out Level 1 Routine to check if you are comfortable with these variations before signing up. 

*Level 2 is a progression and dropping into class after week 2 is not recommended. 

Level 3 is for proficient swing dancers looking for unique weekly content on advanced topics.

Tasters are drop in classes covering various swing topics that will focus on specific content outside the scope of our basic curriculum. This topics change weekly.

Class Type: Non Progressive Drop In Class

Content: We will usually focus on a certain style like, Charleston, Balboa, Lindy Hop, Shag or a mixture of these. We will cover topics like musicality Slip Slop Shim Sham Pure Bal Footwork Variations Swing Out Stylings and various things beyond the scope of our basic curriculum. 

Time Frame: Tasters are drop in classes you can take at any time.  Check the schedule for details.

Goal: Expand your knowledge, style and variation vocabulary in order to become a more unique and proficient dancer. 

Is this Level for me? We recommend that you complete at least our Level 1 material in order to fell comfortable in a Taster Class. If you are not there yet, please sign up for Intro to Swing. 


Team is for our most dedicated dancers looking for performance and competition opportunities.



LA’s most intimate live music & social dancing. Dancers & non-dancers welcome!

8-9 Free Lesson, 9-12 Live Music & Social Dancing




Every Second Thursday for Art Walk! 

Showtime: 8-9pm, Cost: Free

Featuring LA’s best Singers, Comedians, Burlesque Dancers, Storytellers, Musicians, Ballerinas, and More…much More
Set changes monthly. Like our Facebook page ‘Making It’ facebook.com/areyoumakingit to find out next month’s’ line-up




Dax Hock and Sarah Breck were traveling the world teaching workshops 30+ weekends a year…then they had a baby and everything changed. In order to spend more time at home, this international couple opened the Lindy Loft where you can now get some of the worlds best swing dance instruction year round locally here in Los Angles.


Dax & Sarah have been teaching, competing, social dancing, performing and coaching for the past 15 years. They are two of the most experienced dancers on the circuit who are featured instructors at the worlds most prestigious swing dance camps. In addition they have performed on Dancing with the Stars and play the lead roles in the feature film Ctrl+Alt+Dance, a new indie film built around swing dancing and Lindy Hop.


We believe in social dancing and everything we emphasize in our classes is designed to make social dancing more fun, interesting, comfortable, musical, and creative. Learning to dance should be both fun and continuously stimulating. We have a tiered motivation system allowing beginner students to feel more comfortable and advanced students to get more of a push to improve. We emphasize superior technique, connection, rhythm and movement over just doing learning moves.


The Lindy Loft is LA’s only full time Swing Era Dance studio. We teach all things that swing and our venue is fully dedicated to Dancing, Fashion, Social Dancing, Music, History, and Swing Culture. We want the Lindy Loft to be a place where people can come learn, dance, play music, discover, meet and much more. 


Group Class Prices


  • 8 Per Month ($100)
  • 4 Class Pack ($60)
  • 16 Class Pack ($240)

Private Lessons


  • One-on-One
  • Customized Learning
  • Share Cost w/Partner

Basic Private Pkg


  • 1 Private Lesson
  • 8 Group Classes
  • 20% Savings

Premium Private Pkg


  • 4 Private Lessons
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Share Cost w/Partner

Vintage Rhythm


  • 8-9pm Free Lesson
  • 9-12pm Live Band
  • See Calendar for Details
1.What is Share Cost w/Partner?

This means that if you take this option with a partner you can share to cost making for a killer deal!

Private Lessons can include up to two people making it $45/person.

Premium Membership can be shared at $200/person, you share the privates and both get unlimited group classes!

2.Do my classes expire?

Fundamental Series are progressive so you pay for the a 4 wee progression up front and if you miss a class it is lost. Our Level 3 Open Classes are dorp in though and the class passes don’t expire for a year.

3.Do you offer group discounts?

If you and a group of friends want to sign up together we give a 10% discount for groups of 6 or more. Contact us for details!

4.How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

If you sign up for a group class and are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your class or package.


Rarely do I reveal my regal beagle spots. But this is an exception, this spot distinguishes itself from all other swing dance venues.

Enrique G., Social Dancer, Los Angeles

Incredible instruction with a killer atmosphere!

Andrea Graber, Social Dancer, Los Angeles

I cant stress how warming the atmosphere is along with the stunning view, with familiar faces…

Grant Wong, Social Dancer, Los Angeles

Great view, floor, awesome live music!!

Steven Seo, Social Dancer, Los Angeles

Great studio, amazing teachers, fantastic music, irreplaceable fun! Just simply the best Lindy Hopping venue. I miss it so much.

Marie Devautour, Social Dancer, London

The floor! OMG the floor! Dancers dream.

Marshall Watson, Dancer/LA Organizer

AWESOME VIEW, floor, dancers, and definitely instructors! I always feel so welcomed and always have a great time.

Gabrielle Angulo, Advanced Dancer, Los Angeles


Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Lindy Loft
560 S. Main St Unit 9N
(213) 537-0399

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